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That Magical Night!
It all started one afternoon to just meet and hangout as friends. He was a hot chub with a handsome smile, adorable face & eyes full of life. He came by and picked me up and we both seemed to enjoy each others company right away.
We hung out out a while and did a bit of kissing and holding hands. The energy between us sparkled like the stars in the sky that night. Everything seemed to have an electric feel. After a bit I could tell he could use some relief. Him being shy and never doing anything to crazey I knew he could use his first outdoor blowjob. He was excited and a bit scared at the same time. We searched for a place and soon found no better than in the darkness behind a Krispy Kreme in the back parking lot.
After he had gotten himself a few donuts his throbbing cock came out. I leaned over and put my lips on the sweetest cock ever. The maple sugar that rubbed off his fingertips to his cock made it all better for the moment. As I sucked his cock in I soon felt his hands on my head. He quickly took charge of what he wanted with no shame as he should have.
He raised his shirt where my head heated against his belly while my mouth became his place of pleasure. The intensity in the air was magically filled with excitement. It was game time and there wasn’t anything in the galaxy to stop the fate his load.
I sucked and sucked giving one of the sweetest and hottest blowjobs in my life. I seen headlights reflect from the mirrors and as he was feared of being seen he grabbed my head and shoved it down far onto his hard throbbing cock. All I could do was swallow his precum and that sweet maple taste still left from his donut.
Finally after not having any air he let off my head as the headlights vanished away. I came up for a few breaths and looked around as I assured him he could relax a bit. I then went back down and sucked him some more. His hardend cock deep into my mouth hitting deep into my throat as I feared him seeing anymore car lights. He was pulsing faster and faster behind my lips deep inside my face.
I could feel the heat off his beautiful belly as my head slid tight against it giving him pure pleasure. I all of a sudden felt his hands on my head once again pushing quickly down as he shoved his tasty cock deep in my throat.
I could feel his nervousness as lights shadowed through the vehicle. At the same time the excitement had a feel of electricity. He pulled my head back a bit to to jack out the load a bit and I wanted to make him happy still yet. As he got close I put my mouth at the top of the head and licked across it as his load blew. Catching part of that load that tasted still as sweet as that maple donut.
As he sat in the driver seat breathless, excited and a bit scared of being caught I could tell he was something special.
I was happy to fill someone with a little excitement and it was the most astonishing blowjob I’ve ever given. I can still see him smiling and his face lit from some public satisfaction. We rode around a while holding hands and talking. For that night nothing in the world mattered to either one of us except having that night that belonged to us both.
That night was the best night I could of asked for. So if you ever happen to see this my friend I hope you never forget that night. For I’ll always remember it special and ours. :)
xxxichubbyxxx (via xxxichubbyxxx)

The Hottest Shower I Ever Had!

As the heat from our two bellies united it became erotic quickly. I could feel the softness of mine squish into his. We stood there naked in the shower as our cocks was stiffened into one another. The water trickling down our bodies wetting us as I grabbed both of our cocks together. The hot precum dripping from us warmed or throbbing cocks immensely. As we kissed and I stroked softly yet faster we dripped even more. Pushing our cocks into one another as my hand held them together. My other hand rubbing against his belly and across his smooth moobs. Faster I begin to stroke us both, kissing, rubbing and feeling us both drip hot precum into my hands. I could feel his legs weaken as he shook trying to stand. His belly jiggling against mine as we kissed continously, our bodies hot against each other. My hand became wetter sliding around our cocks. He pushed hard into me grabbing my shoulders to help him stand as I felt his hot load shot onto my cock and dripped down my balls down the inside of my leg. The water still running across us both, his eyes staring into mine, his hands still yet on my shoulders helping him stand, my hands wrapped yet around our cocks. I kissed the side of his neck and said into his ear “You’re so beautiful & this is the hottest shower I’ll ever have in my life.” I miss you shower buddy. :*